Dear Brothers and Sisters, in Christ, Because of the continued progression of the coronavirus epidemic, you are dispensed from the Sunday obligation of attendance at Holy Communion of attendance at Holy Communion through 29th March.  This does not mean that Holy GuardianAngels will be closed at this time, nor that there will be no Mass.  On the contrary, Mass will be celebrated, and you are encouraged to attend but at your own discretion.   If you feel concern and anxiety, or if you feel ill, you should stay home and mend. If you are attending Mass, avoid social contact and distance yourself from others that unknowingly may be infected.  If you have concerns about the Common Cup the receiving of the sacrament by intinction is an acceptable alternative.  We have been taught well here at Holy Guardian Angels and we know that the acceptable method for receiving the Precious Blood and hosts for the Celebrant to take the sacrament from the ciborium and instinct and directly place directly on to the communicant’s mouth.  If one is still concerned as to the Common Cup and receiving the Precious Blood from intinction, it is acceptable to receive the host alone, though it is not an Anglican tradition. We have taken great precautions at the altar; the sacred vessels are continually wiped down and wiped with alcohol.  The Priests, Deacons, and Sacred Ministers use hand sanitizer and we all avoid social contact. I myself am concerned about your health and well-being.  I will absent myself from Mass this Sunday as I developed a normal cold on Wednesday that I received from a coworker.  As a precaution, I have placed myself in voluntary quarantine and have asked Father Dennis Demes to celebrate mass this Sunday. I was not happy about this, for I also have had to cancel my officiation for a Wedding, but it is better to be cautious in these trying times. As I emphasize this is a precaution, for each of you. In Christ, The Reverend Canon Sanford R. Sears, Rector

Almighty God 
Worry and fear are not of Your heart.  Please remind us that perfect love casts out all fear, and doubt.  We pray that we receive Your perfect love upon our hearts and upon the hearts of all those who are burdened with the fear of this virus.
Lord, we know without a doubt that You are greater and mightier than the threat of anything, most especially illnesses. Please comfort us and those who are living in fear and trepidation. Please free them from the bondage that anxiety creates within. Remind them that You are still in Almighty.  Give us the serenity that comes only from You. Guide us and protect us.  Help those who are living in unease to you. Grant us that peace and serenity.  Finally, grant relief and the return to health of those who are ill so that they may continue to serve You.  And if we are unable to mend our bodies in these uncertain times, grant us final peace as we serve you continually in Heaven