Preparing for Christian burial is a profoundly important ministry for the church. One does not need to be a member of the church to be buried from the church.

Please be in touch with the Church Office (561) 582-0137 ) to report the death of a loved one. We are glad to offer our prayers and to work with family members to make arrangements for burial services. As people of faith, we know that Christ’s Easter victory has overcome death, but are still aware of the challenges, difficulties, and loss at such times. If it is after normal office hours, call the priest-on-call  252.259. 1413

Funeral plans may be discussed with clergy at any time of life, and in fact it can be very helpful to make these decisions well in advance, as a final gift to those we love. Holy Guardian Angels is glad to keep a copy of those plans on file in our office.

Burial in our Holy Guardian Angels Columbarium
Burial spaces are available at the  Holy Guardian Angels Columbarium , as well.

Our Outreach at the Seafarers’ House