Liturgical Etiquette

  • Arriving on time is important, not just as a sign of respect for God, but also because it spares distraction and inconvenience to our fellow parishioners.
  •   Making the sign of the cross with Holy water and genuflecting (flexing the right knee all the way to the floor) or just bowing (if one cannot genuflect) in the direction of the tabernacle when entering and leaving the church.
  • Bowing if passing in front of the altar or tabernacle.
  • External gestures of reverence can become a witness to the truths of our faith.  For this reason, we wish to remind our visitors, guests and
    parishioners from time to time of habits or practices which are not appropriate.
  • The rule of fasting from solid food for an hour before one receives the Eucharist still holds and thus makes the chewing of gum in church completely inappropriate.
  • Although the Church does not require everyone to be dressed in their “Easter finest” every week for Mass, please remember that the way we dress for church is, oftentimes, a sign of how important the celebration of the Eucharist is to us.  Overly revealing clothing or bare midriffs are never appropriate.
  • Churches are meant to be sacred space, places where all can pray and worship.  While a cordial greeting is never out of place, carrying on an audible and protracted conversation is never appropriate.
  • Our spoken and sung responses at Mass are always meant to be done communally, with whatever abilities were bestowed on us by our Father.  What is believed and held in our hearts ought to be expressed outwardly during the Mass in word and in music.
  • out of respect and reverence for the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, arriving at Mass on time and remaining until the priest has recessed down the aisle is appropriate behavior.  Leaving Mass early and disturbing the flow of communion in order to exit is never appropriate.
  • Do not leave early and do so quietly
    The final hymn is not meant to be like a movie’s final credits when everybody starts leaving the cinema. It is for us all to sing. It is an annoyance to those who are still singing when we start collecting our belongings and excuse ourselves out. Even when the final hymn is over, people could still be praying so we must leave quietly.
  • Please place cell phones in the silent mode and please remain in church till the end of Mass to be blessed and commissioned to go forth in Christ’s name.
  • No food and drink in Church Eating in church, as well as being disrespectful, causes mess and can trigger hunger in other children who happen to watch.




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