Baptism is the rite by which persons are made full members of the church. Using water and the name of the Trinity, Baptism initiates individuals not as Anglican Catholic, but as Christians. An Anglican baptism is recognized by almost all other Christian denominations.

In the our tradition, a person may be baptized at any age. Baptisms are celebrated on Sundays, especially on those days (such as All Saints, Pentecost and the First Sunday after the Epiphany) when the meaning of baptism can be particularly highlighted. On baptismal Sundays, we offer baptism during any of our regularly scheduled worship services, so that individuals or families may choose the service they attend most often. A class and a rehearsal are scheduled with the officiating clergy before each baptism to prepare parents and godparents.

Adults participate in classes to prepare them for the sacrament. Adult baptism is most appropriate at the Easter Vigil, the first service of Easter day, but can happen at other times, too.

Whether for a child or an adult, baptism is “the sacrament by which God adopts us as his children and makes us members of Christ’s Body.

To arrange baptism for yourself or your child, Contact Fr. Sandy Sears at [email protected]

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