How and what I can give to my church ?

How much should I pledge?
That is entirely up to you.  Jesus asked for total giving, sacrificial giving—he gave up everything, even his life.  Thankfully, the Church does not require such sacrifice.  You keep what you need.  But you are asked to give God a gift from your heart, a symbol of your close relationship with God.

In ancient Israel, the tithe, 10 percent of a person’s income, was the rule.  It is still the standard of the Anglican Catholic  Church.  Because of taxes and other charitable giving.  Decide what is right for you slowly and steadily.  If this is your first pledge, pick an amount that you can comfortably meet.  Get some successful experience making and fulfilling a pledge.  Note what portion or percentage of your income your pledge represents.  If you already pledge, try to increase that percentage.

Remember, To embrace a life of generosity and enthusiastically commit to supporting the ministry of our church through our gifts of time, talent and treasure

2017 Offering Envelopes
Offering envelopes for 2017 will be available next Advent I, November 27th, 2016. Look for the envelopes at the tables in the back part of the parish to find your box.  You will also be able to pick up your envelopes in the church office with our church treasurer or any of our clergy  during the week.  Please, call the church office at 561.582.0137 if you need for us to send the envelopes to you by mail.  Your gifts serve God’s work.  Thank you for your continuous support. 

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